Last Day in This Semester

Sorry to post it latey guys..

To all my beloved students:

Ok, well because final exam is just starting this week, it’s mean that last week was my last day to teach.. This semester I was teaching PCE-10-01, PCE-10-07, PCE-10-04 and PIS-10-09. They were all good students..:) And I always happy to teach them..^_^

But, unfortunately, even I had planned it before, I did forgot to bring my camera on last day..:( So I could just asked them to have their picture with me.. And I just got 2 classes of mine.. yup, better than nothing..:) Still me the most beautifull, hahahaha…



Ohhh, they’re just made me so jeaolus!!!

I’d just miss my student time badly.. Well, just like you all did now.. being together, did the task lately, stayed up lately everyday even slept in campus..:( , had a wonderfull Saturday night with my boy, had a wonderfull New Year cellebration on the roof top of my boarding house with my bestfriends, slept over in the class, skipped the class because of the committe, sold martabak (not dounat!) ,chased lecturer signature, repeated the subject..many things..

Hey, I did the same thing like you, so I know how does being “Mahasiswa”… So do not cheated the lecturer!! Because we had passed it all and we all know how you do it!!

Hope next semester I can teach you again, …. and I am really sorry for all my mistakes..please do forgive me..

Happy final exam dear, do try your best..Never give up!!

Your parents are waiting for your coming,so let’s give them smiling and proud of you because your good mark!!


with love,