Encouragement This Evening

I want to be honest to myself! I just start my coding today, and you know my target is May will my final day.. 4 months later!!! OMG.. What must I do?? Keep focus Vidya.. I know I can do it!!

When my start my coding, little bit confused where I must start my coding, because this is my first time using this tools. Ok, let’s just asked our Mbah Google.. I found some blogs and situs write about the tutorial.. But you know I found something usefull and interesting me..

This is what I need now:

Thank you for Mr.Sunu Wibirama for the tips and sharing with us, I just feel you have just recharge my spirit..

Cayoo Vidya ^_^



What kind of food is OpenCV? Is it delicious?

First time I heard about OpenCV is from my doctoral friends (he is taking his doctoral programme in ITB now). He explained a little bit to me about OpenCV which is open source and free, then he gave some tutorials to read, and his dissertation proposal that will use OpenCV too. Ok, then I did interesting with that kind of food, uuppsss I mean that kind of things since it is new for me, about processing image, free and also open source (I’ll tell you about my thesis later). Since I had done my Final Project(skripsi) with Matlab, I dare to try new thing, and that it is.

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is a library programming mainly aimed at real time computer vision, developed by Intel and now supported by William Garage [wikipedia].
OpenCV is released under a BSD license, it is free for both academic and commercial use. The library has >500 optimized algorithms. It is used around the world, has >2M downloads and >40K people in the user group. Uses range from interactive art, to mine inspection, stitching maps on the web on through advanced robotics. [http://opencv.willowgarage.com/wiki]

So you have already know about it, what can I say, OpenCV is a such new library programming in vision algorithm that wide-rapidly growing since it is open source and cheaper. It provides factory product inspection, medical imaging, security, user interface, camera calibration, stereo vision, and robotics. OpenCV is written in optimized C and can take advantage of multicore processors. It is open and they have community which you can share all your OpenCV problem, please join them in opencv@yahoogroups.com. You can also read OpenCV Website and also the documentation. Come on lets share together, I also newbie..^_^

Its sound delicious right? Finally I chose it because I wanted to have new experience in image processing so I can compare with my last project using Matlab that you know powerfull in operating the image processing. Hope that I am not mistakenly chose..:)

I just wondering, is it work in Windows 7? Because my laptop is using Windows 7, and I found no tutorial for installing OpenCV in Windows 7 (only in XP).. 😦

First you can download the installer in here, choose View All File and take the opencv-win. Because I want to use Visual Studio C++2008 Express Edition so I took OpenCV 2.1 and OpenCV-2.1.0-win32-vs2008.exe, well don’t forget to read OpenCV-2.1–Readme.txt too.

Then let’s go to my next posting about the Installing OpenCV with Visual Studio 2008 in Windows 7.