padahal tulisan terakhir tentang Pentingnya “Bisa” Menulis
tapi sebulan kemaren gak sempet update blog.. *soksibuk :p

Baiklah hari ini niatnya mau nulis Abstrak paper..



Dawn Saving for Today *_^

Because today is Thursday, so I set my alarm to weak up at 3 AM to have my early breakfast, yes I’ll do fasting today. Ok Lets see what we have in the kitchen…I have rice, onion, margarin, tomatos, chili sauce and an egg. Ahaaa fried rice then!

While waiting the rice is cooked by magic jar, I pilled the onions (only red onion I took), cleaned then cut them. After that fried the egg with margarin. Only took 15 minutes to cook the rice, then ready to fry. First put the margarin into the crock, after melting put the red onion slices into it, fried it till the aroma wafted. Then rice time and chili sauce. Stir until evenly all the spices, the last don’t forget to put some salt..:)

After half an hour.. tadaaaa…

Sahur ala kadarnya

Not really bad for today, then I took a glass of lukewarm water, I put 2 spoons of honey inside.. that’s what I always never forgrt to drink to keep my stamina all day..

Happy Sunnah Fasting all..^_^

Korean Drama VS Indonesia Sinetron

Hello 2011! This my first posting in 2011. Actually this posting should be about my new resolution in this year, my goal, my achievement or everything to welcome this wonderfull year. I’ll do it in the next y be.. So many thinks I want to figure out, but let’s start with the topic that now fullfill my mind. Yeah, it’s about Korean Drama vs Indonesia’s Sinetron, because these two things really can give influence to my life, no no I mean my mind, no no my activity! Yes, I do! If I fall in love with one serial (korea or Indonesia), then my mind will be full of it… And I enjoy it!!

  • The Actor

    As you can see Korean Actor or Actrees more good looking then we have, hahaha… Even we are the same Asian but Indonesia are Malay Race and they are Mongoloid Race. Eventhough some of our actor/actrees are blasteran, and most of them are mixed with with Eourope. Korean actor also famous about their cool face (this is only my opinion).

    Indonesian Actor


    Korean Actor


  • The Fans

    Ok, the fans.. I think Korean actor has their fans from around the world especially girls, and the number is amazing!! Since their film/ serial release in some countries. We only release some good films (not sinetron) abroad. Indonesia sinetron have ladies as their fans (I mean “ibu-ibu dan pembokat), hahaha

  • The Poster

    Here it is some poster of Indonesia Sinetron and Korean Drama. As u see, Indonesia Sinetron Poster only see the face of the actor with the backgorund, but Korean Drama Posters are colorfull and funny.


    Indonesia Sinetron Poster


    Korean Drama Poster

  • The Story

    This is actulaly I want to compare, the story!! We know that our sinetron always have two sides personalities, antagonis and protagonis, but not in Korean Drama some film didn’t have antagonis.

    Most of the Korean Drama stories are sad and romantic, thats why girls love it!!hahaha… Also I just realize (after 3 Korean Drama I have watched BBF, Playfull Kiss and Personal Taste) that Korean Drama most of them about careless-stupid- girl who love smart-cool-rich guy. And for sinetron also about always about love stories but there must be antagonis versus protagonis, daughter who exchange, wicked stepmother, and no usefull lesson (it really dangeorous for children to watch!!).

Hope u enjoy, even it none sense!!HAHAHAHA