Hello my new life… :)

Huaaaa… how are you my blog??? Looks so worn-out and old-fashion (baju kali!),.. I am really sorry for the last time being I had no time to see u… so busy, so lazy and so no have time,hehe.. but starting from today (incidentally it’s Hari Blogger Nasional) I promise to push my self to see and write you oftenly..:)

Well, ok I start with my new status now… a newby housewfe!! yes, no job, child and house (not yet, hopely soon) only taking care of my husband… yeay, never thought and dreaming it before that I’ll be an housewife…

First time, I proudly present my new lovely-cool-dashing hubbie..Ahmad Aswarji Djaali

My lovely Hubbie...

I used to call him aa’, because we meet in Bandung.. :p He is 19 months older than me and we had been 5 years relationship ending with married (happy ending ceritanya). Now, he works in the largest bank in Indonesia and he also my friend’s brother, hahaha…

My friend become my sister in law...

Our love story was also up and down just like sinetron, hahaha… or may be dorama…hihi.. we definitely different, he likes sport but me not, I like eating but he not, I like travelling but he not, he like to think logically but me not( I think most of the man do this)… but Mario Teguh said that “a couple is not different but their must be the same, they have the same purpose, desirability, hobbies, so don’t say that you and your couple were diferent..”. But one think that I love he most is he can make me laugh!! First order criteria of me being my couple 🙂



Our wedding was held on July 10th 2011 in Pontianak and the wedding ceremony on July 23th in Jakarta (I’ll tell you later about my wedding ceremony). I am living in my parent-in-law’s house located in Bampu Apus district. We live near my brother-sister in law which have had their children so my daily work is taking care of their children. Time for me to practice my self become a mother :). Now I am enjoying my new life.. and hope we’ll have our baby and house soon…

My New Family

Oh ya… my other new status… Master graduated 🙂


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