Hey Kids..Smile for me!

I just want to share my new hobby that is taking kids picture!! I don’t know why just to see their smiling or their expression make me feel living in the piece world.. Their smiling really giving me a humble and spirit message! I took it in many places and many different time.. I mean randomly.. just if I want to shoot I shot them! These are some expression of the kids!

Hai ganteng...

ganteng's sister


Hei you!


Cetta -Arji's niece


Nazwa-my cute cousin

Gama - Arji's nephew

Nurul-Nazwa -- My lovely cousin

Love you kids..:*


Let’s Go Jogging!!

Finally after 2 months not going jogging, I start my jogging time last Tuesday alone.. Actually I started it little bit too late (5.15 PM-5.45 PM) but it’s ok better then not nothing. I really enjoy my jogging time in Sabuga (ITB sport center) while listening some music from my handpohone. I’ve got 6 times around the jogging track, not really bad for the first time..:)

I hope I can jogging continously so my body will be healthy and some of my fat will be burn!

Here are some picture of jogging track in Sabuga.


Picture 1 Sabuga view

Not really crowded because it was not weekend time. Today (Saturday) I have been wake up very early to go jogging again, but the weather is not really good, little bit drizzle in Bandung..:(

No problem, I will go jogging on the next day (Sunday), hope the weather will be sunny..:)


So, Let’s go guys!

Hai bloggers I come back!!

After almost 6 months not update my blog.. finally I come back in bloggers world. I will write everything that I want to share, but the most thing that I want to tell you is that I am in the 3rd semester now, and it’s mean my final semester and also thesis time!! So you all guys have to support me to finish my thesis soonly so I can proud my family and get married soon..hahahaha…

My priority now:

  1. Thesis
  2. College
  3. Teaching
  4. Sport
  5. TOEFL and English