Yes, I Love my yesterday Monday!!

I didn’t know why I felt so different last Monday. I felt so cheer up, optimistic and happy.I woke up just like usual and nothing unusual happen. But when I arrived at campus, suddenly that feeling came. I got new spirit, new optimistic, new feeling to do all my assignment, my thesis, my job and I was sure that I can passed them well and finished them in the right time. Before, I always passed my Monday with a busy day, panic, deadline, stressfull… but yesterday I really enjoy my day, I wrote my schedule, my plan, my task, then everything run well.

Since that day, I wrote all my plan, my shedule and do my task earlier (because I did before near the deadline time). And it works, my optimistic still going on and I hope everything will run well and on time. May be also because I did love my activity now so I really enjoy them.

But, today I had dissappointed one person. I finished my teaching time lately, and it makes his shedule to go to Gym being late (because we went home together) then the rain also goes down. I promise not to do it again because I don’t want to make dissappointed other people just because of my shedule.

I hope this feeling never dies…Now, it’s time for me to prepare my teaching for tomorrow.. I will do my best for my pray, study, teaching, job, my family, friends, and somebody that I love… I can’t wait for my next other Monday that will give me new spirit again…:See u again…:)

See u again… then how bout your yesterday Monday?

My Schedule this semester