Yeah, I’m walking on Fire!!

Saturday, on February 13th I joined a Seminar at my office Politeknik Telkom was titled ……………… The trainer was Mr. Alex Fatahillah, a motivator and succes enterpreuner. Actually I was not interested with this seminar, since I had many tasks to do (my subject tasks) and lazy also…hahaha.. But when I heard that the last session there would be “Walking on Fire” session, I felt challenging, because this would be my first experience.

I am not telling about the content of the Seminar (little bit bored for me I though) but about my first experience when I finally walked on fire. We were divided into 6 groups in 6 lines. While waiting the fire ready, we took warming up which was led by the trainer with the game.I felt very free to dance with the music that very up beat for me, the trainer asked us to convince ourself that the fire was cool, so we could pass the challenge. About 20 minutes later, the fire was ready then being put into two lines.The lines were about 4 meters. Every participants had to cross the fire lines and believed that they were cool.

The sense of this experience that I can get from this experience is we must believe in ourself. It shows us the hot of the hell that will we face in life after which will remind us to Allah.
I share this story not to make myself arrogant, but to tell you how to believe in our strength,and as your spirit if someone can pass big problem in his/her life why don’t you. We are the leader of ourself, and you are is what you think.

So will you try it someday?


One thought on “Yeah, I’m walking on Fire!!

  1. Lindu says:

    bu sbnrnya triknya apa?ibu bnrn ga luka wkt jalan diatas api?panas ga bu?yg lgkp donk bu crtnya….jgn bkin pnasran…anyway…visit my blog too ya mam….hhee

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