25 of Me

This post is tagged by my friend in Facebook (M’ami), but I continued it in my blog.I tagged  people in my blog  and 25 people in facebook. And long time ago my friend Edo also tagged me in his blog but only 10 habits (I continued it with 25 things about me ya do..is it ok?)

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you. (To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people, then click publish.) ====================================================

  1. Actually I rather lazy to write something like this..because I need more than 2 hours to think it!
  2. I wanna have 5 children hopefully..:) Yes, I can!hehe..
  3. I like boy when I was 4 years old!!and the first lucky boy I like is my neighbour (I forgot his name ) and the reason I like him only because He could cut his fingernail by him self that I can’t!
  4. I got my own money when I was in second great in elementary school, I sold my origami with price 25 rupiahs, hahaha…
  5. I only have one younger sister and we are very different, I resemble with my father and my sister resemble witm my mom..
  6. I try to speak more softly now..  Suggestion from my boyfriend and my lecturer, haha…
  7. Very love watching orchestra concert.. Wanna join with me??
  8. One of my dreams is to be member of Twilite Orchestra, I think I would get it in my 40!Yes I will…
  9. My favorite games when I was child is puzzle, I used to randomly again my puzzle when I finished it.
  10. When I got ranking in my class my parents used to invite me eating in KFC… 🙂
  11. I have “big” Family from my mother.. I mean all my mother’s family are fat, but inversely my father’s family.
  12. Hmm..”Titi Kamal..May I take some pictures of Christian Sugiono??Please…”
  13. I used Vidya as my nickname only when I started in university.. All my kindergarden until senior high school’s friends also my realtives call me “Mba’ya!”. It all because me and my sister together in kindergarten and my sister called me like that then continued until senior high school.
  14. Except Reindra and Pradana two my elementary school’s friends. They called me Vidya from the first time we got to know each other until now!
  15. I always dressed as like as a twin with my sister (when I was child) but different face, haha..
  16. I don’t like having relationship with “brondong”.
  17. My blog is camyeye.wordpress.com, but surely next month I’ll move my blog in .web.id, but I don’t have any idea for my new blog.. vidya.we.id or missvidya.web.id?? help me to choose..
  18. Both me and my boyfriend don’t like animal!Do not disturb us!!
  19. I can’t stand when reading Goosebump, it’s to tighten for me.. I never finished to reading it!
  20. First movie I watched in the theater is Titanic with my family (mom, dad, sister) and my servant who had just can read finally!
  21. Promised to myself that I can get a scholarship studying abroad one day!
  22. Rahmanita from Ar-Rahman (great charitable), Vidya from Sansekerta language means knowledge and Sari means “inti” in bahasa.
  23. I can’t stand if I have to spend a penny when I have too much laughed.. Sometimes I made water it. I must stop this bad habit!
  24. Help me to success “Sekotak Susu untuk Anak Jalanan” movement…:) Let’s do something for our nation!
  25. I give you a secret! If a boy want to conquer me just giving me a chocolate (not flower!!doesn’t mean anything for me) and make laugh all the time.. I’ll be fallin’ love with u!!HAHAHA…

Finally I finished my 25 things, what about yours??? I wanna read 25 things about Tommy, Leo, Putcar, Leni, Gita, K’Erna, Gugum, K’didit, Lia, Mae.


6 thoughts on “25 of Me

  1. chielicious says:

    2>>Serius lo 5 anak? don’t u love kids or what 😛
    6>>perhaps i should try that one too~
    7>>ikutt xD
    9>> *toss* ..even i still love it til now..sekarang lagi getol maen sudoku
    12>> titi kamal replied : what for? buat pelet ?? xD
    17>>i vote for the second one~
    19>>goosebumps itu bacaan gw jaman smp -_-
    25>>coklat ayam jago mau? xD

  2. idham ayatul khoeri says:

    12. SUGENK (Sugiono & the genk) i’ll like to join da club…ahahahaha
    16. so..you like “gadun”…hehehe lol
    22. Rahmanita Vidya Sari —> rusuh :p
    24. nice^^
    25. then you should look for comedian :p

  3. sandra says:

    1. lo 2 jam?, gw 2 hari dunks…
    6. stubuh!!!
    13. gw tetep tapir yak…. ^_^
    17. the second please..
    21. AMIN!!, gw juga pengen tuh bu
    22. W-O-W, great name…
    25. ikutan mba rina, mao gga?

  4. Vidya cHaNtiQue says:

    ga mau klo coklat ayam jago..cadbury minimal!!!

    may be I like comedian..:)
    gadun naon sih?

    stubuh apanya san?

  5. tata says:

    3 . mak siape tuh tetangga kite jaman kecil ??
    hahaha . falling in loph juga dy wkt keciL . kire Q doank yang udh flirting2 dr jaman bahuLa …

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