Speak Softly, Is It Need?

A moment ago I was visited my adviser lecturer (dosen pembimbing). We were so closed before because I was also an assistant lecturer of him. Btw, we were talked anything and actually he focus on my speaking style. Then he criticizied me that my intonation was up and down. He suggested me to learn speak softly. Because it showed our respect to whom we talked to.

In my way home I was fully thinked about what my lecturer said. Hmm it was not bad to try it. And surprisingly my boyfriend said the same too.Then I put it in the list of my resolution for this year. “Speak more softly!”

Until last Sunday I watched Mario Teguh TV show which is called Golden Ways about Black Magic Women. He gave some love tips for women to henpeck her husband or a woman to henpeck a man whom she love (her son, her husband, her father). He suggested to speak softly to your husband say it with love, affection and more musically (I don’t know how to speak musically actually) so your husband feel happy with it.

Then I was thinked it again, I remembered all that had happened to me. I remembered when I met someone or I just be aquainted with someone who speak softly with me I felt very nice of him. I mean I got one his/her good point. Yeah… It’s true!

But it doesn’t mean speak loudly or speak with up and down intonation is bad but how we can control ourself where we must express ourself in the right time, place and situation.

Think about it!


One thought on “Speak Softly, Is It Need?

  1. putrichairina says:

    I definitely agree with the rule of speak softly. I think how people talk represents ones maturity. I’m not saying that if you speak loudly, means that your not mature or childist. Not at all. I just think that everyone should be able to speak based on the situation (to whom he/she talked to, atmosphere, topics, etc).

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