Tell me what are on your 20 something..

Hmm.. actually my birthday has passed away (a month ago), but I just have time to post it in my blog. Hehe.. On my birthday my friend Aruna was giving a book (a novel exactly), because she knew about my wish to bought a novel (when we went to a book store someday) but nothing interested me. A novel titled “Being 20 Something Is Hard” is on my hand now and  I think all you guys can guess what story its about.

Covernya nih...

Covernya nih...

The story is narratively filled with usuall problems in our 20 something like education, love, job, married, dishonest, abroad, family,etc. This novel is open my mind and capture of what we as a girl-not yet a woman in 20 something. The conflict is designed like what we would be faced in our 20 then we called it the quarter-life-crisis. And I think it’s not only for a girl- not yet a woman like me but also for a man who would faced a judgment to married or carrier.

In 20 something many people dreams about a perfect life, lovely job, happy family, perfect relationship and happen to me too. My 20 something is started with all my big dreams, ambisiously, live happily with a perfect job as I want but actually the case is not usually ideal and perfect even hurted. And now happen to me is a confusion where must I have a job, in a big city or comeback to my hometown. Any idea?

I don’t know what happen next actually.. but from this book I believe everything that would happen to me whether like what I dream or it would be very hard for me I just believe to the God. Thanks to Him that makes our jurney life so very colorfull with all problems and conflicts in our life to make us more mature and get the wisdom from them.

So I suggest you to read this book to know the reality about some problems or conflicts that you would be faced in your 20 something. Happy reading and have a nice 20 something…

Tell me what are on your 20 something..

Thanx to aruna… 🙂


11 thoughts on “Tell me what are on your 20 something..

  1. Nurmaya widuri says:

    Ehm..sounds like a nice book, then..may i borrow it 😉

    Yeah,being 20-something is not easy, but let’s see the good side of being-20something : a lot of oppurtunities waiting for u to find, just explore urself, free ur mind..u can be whatever u want, so..just put ur dreams high above n hard working for chasing it !
    It’s like an adventures, so much fun…when u getting older, i bet u’ll smiling widely remember all the good things and the good times u had 🙂

    So,enjoy your ‘being-20-something’ . . . Dont think too much , ‘karena hidup tak bisa menunggu’

    * halah *

    . Live ur life and forget ur age .

  2. Vidya cHaNtiQue says:

    Yeah you’re right!
    many new things would be faced.. face it with smile then try to change the world as you can..

    Let’s make it all come true!

  3. aruna says:

    huehuhue… emang kerasa banget sih, kecut, pahit, manis nya umur 20. perasaan kita gampang naik turun.
    di umur 20 kita lulus kuliah…
    di umur 20 kita cari kerja…
    di umur 20 kita mengejar karir…
    di umur 20 kita lamaran…
    di umur 20 juga kita nikah…
    mungkin di umur 20 kita udah punya anak…? 😛

    kalo dipikir2,’tugas hidup’ kita numpuk di umur 20. supaya seimbang, makanya perlu inget ma Yang Diatas dan… tetep minta restu keluarga. [yang gw sendiri sering lupa]

    Happy being 20 something ! 🙂

  4. arji says:

    eng ing eng…
    actually i’ve looked that novels long time before you have it…but,didnt think that you’d interest with that kind of thing….
    if now you’re like it…i think you’ve change a bit babe…

    okay..being 20-something…hmm,then it was on 2005 when i was 2nd grade in STT…were not know each other,i still have my passion to pass the AKPOL test for the 3rd times….still bordering myself and open just for some people coz i think i’ll keave STT and didnt want to have memories deep there….
    and also just always try to have some fun with my friends..coz you know,i always scheduled my life..eventhough people always laugh on me with my schedule..hahahahha,thats why my entertainments are my friends…
    about changing?…for you babe,if you want to change the world then just change yourself and the world will change its react to you so you’ll feel everything’s change….better or worse?you choose it…
    just an advice,always think like mirror,try to see from other side and you’ll can face every possibility…=)

    udah ah,aku ngantuk de…
    luv u..

  5. Vidya cHaNtiQue says:

    “di umur 20 kita lamaran…”
    qt di lamar run tepatnya..

    Hmm.. maybe I may have 2 children in my 20 something..hahaha..

    Before we change the world, we must change ourself, then our family, then our community, then our country, then our world..

  6. indonesiaberprestasi says:

    hehey it’s me leni. i’m using my other account now on wordpress and i’m lazy to logout so, don’t be confuse, hehe 😛

    i’m actually happy to be 20 something..
    coz it’s our time to really going down to the real life 😀
    challenging and interesting!

  7. putrichairina says:

    Tiap jenjang usia memang ada tantangan tersendiri.
    Umur 20-30 sepertinya dianggap fenomenal. Wajar juga sih, karena berbagai hal baru ditemukan dimasa ini.
    Tapi selepas itu juga masih fenomenal loh..
    Inti yang ingin aku sampaikan adalah bahwa tiap masa itu fenomenal. Tergantung bagaimana diri ini melihat.

    Numpang mampir ya, vid.
    Trus blog mu aq link balik ke blog aku ya.. 😉

  8. Vidya cHaNtiQue says:

    yeah.. we are so fenomenal in 20 something…
    Thanx for visiting..

    This is our starting in our real life…

    Nice to know you..

  9. ajinugroho says:

    “coz you know,i always scheduled my life..eventhough people always laugh on me with my schedule..hahahahha”

    ***ngakak baca commentnya arji yg bagian ini…. Hwhwhwhhw,..

    btw, happy being 20-something.,.. 😀

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