Let’s Learn German

Hello my blog.. I really miss my “Bread and Butter Letter”.. It has been so long from the last time I wrote my blog because yesterday (I mean 2 months ago) my day was full of doing my Final Project,preparating my graduation and also applying jobs. Alhamdulillah I could finished my study on time and now you can call me Rahmanita Vidyasari, ST.Now I think I must continue to write my blog again and try it in English.

Hmm.. After my graduation there so many things I wanna do, I want to learn one more other language (I plan to study German or Dutch), searching for scholarship, doing exercise, saving my account, watching orchestra (I love it so much) and having more friends. For the first step I have been searching some ways to learn German without course or teacher, I mean autodidact.

And here are some tips for you who want to learn German in autodidact (I got it from my milis beasiswa @ yahoogroups):

  1. Buy books For Dummies, such as German For Dummies and also Themen Neu because this book is used by Goethe Institute. Don’t forget to learn it until finish!!
  2. Practice your conversation, buy conversation books after you memorize it then close the book and try it without see your books, or try to translate the conversation in Indonesia without see.
  3. Practice your listening, Download or buy many films of German which you like or listen to the German radio.
  4. Always prepare pocket book in toilet which is full of German words, so read it when you are in toilet, hehe..
  5. Buy audiobook in German, such as German for Dummies Audioset, and listen it while your driving or in the public transportation.
  6. Search for a friend that also the same like you so can communicate in German.

If you do all the steps continously, I believe you can speak German well in 6 months.

And here are some other informations:

Actually, I just try it, so from this blog I am looking for a friends who want to learn together with me. Have a nice try…


5 thoughts on “Let’s Learn German

  1. Vidya cHaNtiQue says:

    Thank you for your link.. it’s really help..
    btw, I just started it this month..so I still beginner..hehe..
    Nice to know you..May I get your profil or may be your blog?

  2. Esti says:

    your blog about learning Germany so inspiring me to do your tips, learning by autodidact.. with the links too.. thanks.. ^^

  3. metta dian says:

    hey darl…
    thanks for putting my blog on your roll….:))) masih mikir harus drop salah satu, apa yang friendster/.wordpress ya? hiks….what do’u think?
    ps. how’s life anyway? not crazy anymore? ooo..not cool then…hahaha…:miss ya, girl…

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